Our Team

The Center for Community Learning (CCL) consists of a team of principal contributors as well as a pool of consultants. CCL retains these principal contributors and consultants as contractors. Contributors and consultants are assigned according to the needs of each client and each project. The CCL approach to consultation and technical assistance reflects the Technical Assistance Network model of coaching and technical assistance provision. Because CCL does not retain salaried employees, it draws upon the expertise of a large pool of subject matters experts and consultants. This enables CCL to provide more targeted technical assistance and support to its clients.

Principal Contributors

Myriam Monsalve-Serna, MEd, LMFT

Founder & President

Catalina S. Booth, JD

Executive Director

Other Contributors

In the past, CCL has contracted with the following consultants/contractors to facilitate delivery of technical assistance:

Covian Research and Capacity Building

To develop CLAS Standard implementation tools and training curricula for language assistance and health beliefs.

Yes Institute

To provide technical assistance to grantees regarding LGBTQ issues.

Lantos Consulting

To provide interpretation and translation services in multiple languages.

Full Circle Interpreting

To provide Spanish translation services.

Express Words Corporation

To provide Spanish translation services.

Coralie Bauduy

To provide Creole translation services.

Michael Collado

To design website and materials, and to create videos.

Lisa Romer Math, B.S, CRPS-F

To create, update and edit training manuals

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