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Serving Communities Since 2002

The Center for Community Learning (CCL) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, founded on October 27, 2002, to serve marginalized and underserved families, youth, children and communities. CCL provides bilingual technical assistance, consultation, facilitation/training, program evaluation and community assessments in various States. In addition, CCL provides Spanish and English curriculum development related to child development, behavioral health, family support, personal and professional development, communication skills, community engagement, behavioral health equity and cultural and linguistic competence.

We Base Our Work on These Premises

  • Training for residents who support children, youth and families in the community will improve outcomes for children, youth, families and entire communities.
  • Training enhances and provides opportunities for community members to pursue personal development.
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment for adults and youth will enable them to improve skills, take advantage of resources available in the community, and increase their confidence.
  • Interaction and connection with others will reduce isolation and increase attachment of community members to their neighborhood, community, and formal service providers.
  • Partnerships and collaboration will promote self-sufficiency in the families, creating strong leadership for the community.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence programs and supports increase diversity and help reduce disparities.

Our Leadership

Myriam Monsalve-Serna,
M.S. Ed

Myriam is the founder and President of the Center for Community Learning (CCL).  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Myriam’s work focuses on providing technical assistance and training to local and national organizations that serve children, youth, young adults and families. More specifically, Myriam designs and executes training, and provides technical and capacity building expertise in the realm of cultural and linguistic competence, Community Health Workers/Promotoras, and community engagement, including engagement of families, youth, and young adults. As part of her work at CCL, she serves as the Cultural and Linguistic Competency Consultant for the One Community Partnership 2 grant in Broward County, Florida. She also serves on the leadership team for the Technical Assistance Network for Children’s Behavioral Health, and she previously served as the Coordinator of Cultural and Linguistic Competency for the South Florida Behavioral Health Network (FACES).

Prior to starting CCL, Myriam served on the leadership team of ConnectFamilias (formerly known as Abriendo Puertas, Inc.). In that position, she maintained a holistic network of coordinated services designed to strengthen families, youth and children. As part of her work as an Annie E. Casey Foundation Fellow, she also helped to create a comprehensive curriculum for Community Health Workers/Promotoras.

Catalina Booth,

Catalina is the Executive Director of the Center for Community Learning (CCL). She provides ongoing technical assistance and support to behavioral health organizations and other community organizations serving families, youth, young adults and children. She has completed projects involving the development of governance documents, cultural and linguistic competence (CLC) implementation plans, CLC training development, CLC self- assessments, and bilingual training materials. As part of her work for CCL, she serves a key role in Cultural and Linguistic Competence Hub (CLC Hub) of the Technical Assistance Network for Children’s Behavioral Health. In that role, she provides technical assistance to system of care grantees with a focus on cultural and linguistic competence and behavioral health equity, including CLAS Standard implementation, language assistance, CLC workforce capacity development, and reduction of behavioral health disparities.

Prior to joining the Center for Community Learning, Catalina served as in-house counsel for Union Pacific Railroad for 9 years. Before joining Union Pacific Railroad, she was an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County where she prosecuted cases in state court, including child abuse cases and juvenile delinquency cases.

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